The Key to good defense is having LB's waiting near the LOS to help out if it is a running play and then dropping back and helping out in pass coverage. Both John and I came up with different ways to get this done.

In most of my defensive plays I have 3 DL's rushing, 5 DB's playing MTM, and 3 LB's that double team 3 receivers. I have my 2 best DB's single covering the 2 slowest receivers. With the 3 fastest receivers the DB's job is to cover the deep passes so they can either start deep or shade deep, and the LB's job is to cover the underneath passes. By having the LB delay between . 2 & . 7 seconds and shade under, the LB are chasing the receivers. If the receiver does a hook the LB is in position to break it up. If it is an out route the receiver has to do about a 90 degree turn but since the LB is still trying to catch-up he doesn't have to make as sharp a cut. The sharper the cut the more speed a player loses so the LB is able to catch-up and be in good position to stop those routes (try it and see how good it works). I also have the LB's bump & run so if the rec. stays in to pass block the LB's will rush into the back field and help out the pass rush. Almost all outside runs use blockers, so 2-3 blocker could bring 3-5 defenders into the area and with the LB's waiting near the line they are good position to stop them for no gain. The biggest weakness is on inside runs where most teams don't use blockers, so there are 5 OL's to block 3 DL's, if you are lucky the running back is 1 of the 3 players that are double teamed so a LB is there to help out.

John's defensive plays have 3-4 DL's rushing, 5 DB's doing MTM coverage, and 2-3 LB's that stop and wait behind the line and then go out into tiny Picsel zone pass defenses near the outside from 8-15 yds deep. Johns plays are a little more complicated then that and he mixes it up but that is the basic design he uses.

John's defenses are better against inside runs and passes near the side lines. The best plays to use against his defenses are outside runs, deep passes and passes over the middle, anywhere away from where his LB's zones are.

My defenses are better against outside runs, deep passes, and I get a little more pass rush with the LB's bump & running. The best passing routes to use against my defenses are crossing routes and quick slant passes before the LB's can react, and my biggest weakness is on inside runs or runs with no blockers.

I don't believe in constant blitzing. If the other team knows that you blitz all the time that can be beat. But if you blitz some, use some of my defensive plays, and some of johns defensive plays that should make for a very effective defensive scheme.