Hints for maintaining and improving your SFL Team by Chris Jones, SFL Commish



  1. Ratings: The following positions details what you want to look at when selecting players. In the VPNFL players will not improve drastically because like in the real NFL players drafted are already near their potential (Speed, Strength). The following is a position list:

    QB: ST, IN, DI

    HB: SP, AC, AG, ST, HA

    FB: ST,HA

    WR: SP, AC, AG, HA

    TE: SP, AC, AG, ST, HA

    C: AC, AG, ST, HA

    G: AC, AG, ST

    T: AC, AG, ST

    DE: AC, AG, ST

    DT: AC, AG, ST

    LB: AC, AG, ST

    CB/S: SP, AC, AG, HA


    Those are the ratings I look at when picked up players. Sometimes ratings came be misleading, such as a QB with a 90 ST - 80 IN -80 DI should put up decent numbers but in some cases my not. But if you stick with the above position list you should have success.


  3. Active Players on your roster, as a rule I keep the following roster positions on my roster active for all games, players tend to fatigue and be replaced esp in the 3rd and 4th quarter. If you only have a set number of players at a particular position they will play worn out because nobody is avail to replace them. The list is as follows, remember these are the active slots not total slots:
  4. QB (3)











    CB (4)



    3. Profiles: Its simple Run, Pass or Balanced. I usually choose Pass. Just because I think it generates more offense, but I'm no expert on this subject.


  5. Game Plans: Watch the way the NFL teams run they offenses and defenses and pick the one you like the best. I use Minnesota's WCO (West Coast Offense) and Oakland's defense. But by changing to a team plan you will be using what they uses, maybe a WR4 or WR1 or even a CB2 returning punts for example.
  6. Build for the Future or Win Now: WIN NOW is my theory. Pick any available players up that will fit into your salary cap also that better your teams roster. Don't let a scrub hold a roster slot, drop him and pick up a better player. Always look to improve, never be happy.



NOTES: I've noticed some teams have players on the roster that don't even belong in the Semi-Pro leagues. Dump them - your just hurting your team by holding on to them, for example I saw a fullback with a strength of 71 starting for a team, the team is 4-7. Always search for that better player - I DO. This is a GM league and if you want to win you have to improve that roster.



Chris (Bengals GM and SFL Commish)