The unofficial FPS:FB pro
attributes FAQ

The question usually starts roughly as follows:

I have heard different opinions about player ratings and I hope you will be able to clear it up. I am wondering if the HANDS rating is relevant for a Defensive Lineman in FPS '96. If so, is it just as important as ST or AG?

and sooner or later somebody responds along the following lines:

The only things HA is used for by DL are: to check if the DL will make an interception when the QB makes a forced throw at him, and to determine if the DL will successfully recover a fumble when he's on the ball.

Sometimes the question is broader:

If possible, can anyone provide me (and the list) with a listing of positions and what you feel are their most important attributes? (i.e. QB- DI, IN, ST)

So it became obvious that... WE NEED A FRIGGIN' FAQ! :-)


Primary - ST, IN
Secondary - DI; I've seen QBs with poor DI complete a high percentage of passes; you probably have to create plays that will give the QB easy completions though (short passes and/or plays that get the WR wide open)
Tertiary - HA (especially if your OL can't pass-block)


Primary - SP, AC, ST>50; you need ST>50 in order for the HB to be effective on inside runs
Secondary - HA; this is true in FBPro95; however, mediocre HA will cause fumblitis in FBPro96
Tertiary - EN; especially true if you don't have depth


Primary - AC, ST
Secondary - SP, HA; you can have a FB without speed and succeed, if you use him primarily as a blocking back; with SP, he becomes a running threat; with HA, he becomes a receiving threat
Tertiary - EN; depth


Primary - SP, AC, HA; this is weird; I've noticed that players with high AC make good, consistent cutbacks, not high AG
Secondary - ST; the higher the ST, the better a blocker he is; he can also break tackles


Primary - ST, HA; I guess it really depends on how you use him; I want my TE to catch short/medium passes as well as be an effective blocker; other teams might use the TE as a HB, FB, and/or WR as well, since TE potentials are unrealistically high
Secondary - SP, AG, AC; SP and he becomes a deep threat; AG makes him block better on running plays; AC makes him a better pass blocker and route-running receiver


Primary - ST>85; if you have a starting OL whose ST is less than that, he's going to have a tendency of doing the "faint" move (where he just falls backwards as the onrushing DL runs over him)
Secondary - AC, AG; AC = better pass blocking; AG = better run blocking
Tertiary - HA; only applies to centers and only in shotgun formation (this is even more true in FBPro96)


Primary - DI; you can have a kicker with ST=99, but if his DI<80, FG% and XP% success is hard to come by (although your kicker kicking it 60 yards, wide left, is amusing, I guess)
Secondary - ST, AC; AC>30 will cut down on the number of blocked kicks (although good pass-blocking special teams linemen are more important)
Tertiary - SP; marginally helps reduce blocked kicks


Primary - ST
Secondary - DI
Tertiary - AC, SP (again, special teams linemen are more important for preventing blocked punts than the P's quickness ratings)


Primary - AC, ST; ST>80 is required to SURVIVE; AC>70 will enable you to reach the QB a couple of times a game; if AC>85 and ST>85, he's a superstar
Secondary - SP; it seems like high SP is only good once the RB is past you and the DL is trying to run him down from behind
Tertiary - AG; run-stopping ability is improved with high AG, but not as much as what high AC will do for you


Primary - SP, ST
Secondary - AC; high AC makes the LB a better cover man (unless IN<60, then he gets faked out occasionally); high AC also improves his blitzing ability
Tertiary - IN; higher IN makes him less susceptible to fakes


Primary - SP, AG; if AG>80, there's less tendency for the DB to get wrong-footed
Secondary - IN for fakes, HA for interceptions
Tertiary - AC, ST; high ST makes the DB a reliable tackler and a good Carnell Lake-type of safety in that he can become a good run-stopper; AC somewhat improves speed in coverage and blitzing ability

All of these are my opinions based on my experiences (2 solo seasons in FBPro96, 5 Internet and 7 solo seasons in FBPro95).
| G. Warren Abao | Official BBL