The New York Sack Exchange!

Ahhh! It's been a long time since I put finger to keyboard for the old Defensively Speaking. It has been only recently that I have felt good enough about my defensive prowess to write another sparkling and somewhat witty column for my fellow FBPro peers. I know that many of you held your breath (and subsequently died) for the article on zones but an interesting phenomena has occurred in our great ICFL league. Since my Jets are a principle in this phenom I just had to wax about it.

As you can tell by the title of this week's article, we are once again going to discuss my favorite defensive play, the QB Sack! (or 50 ways to kill the passer!). What other defensive play, not including turnovers, can single handedly destroy the oppositions drive? The sack. Worse then a penalty, a loss of 5 to 10 yards and the down can kill the offense, let alone the QB. I know you are saying 'But Ironhead, what's with this doily?' er, I mean, 'But Rob, you already discussed (vaguely) how to kill the QB several articles ago. What new phenomena could you bring to our attention here?' Well, I'll tell you. It seems the 'Art of the Sack' has become the prevalent beneficiary from the Endowment for the Arts here in the North East, particularly the great state of New York. Look at this!

Team Sacks

Buffalo 53

Cincinnati 53

New York (N) 52

New York (A) 44

See anything interesting? That's right! Three of the top four are from New York! (as of Week 10)

Someone once told me that sacks were meaningless if you weren't winning or if you gave up too many yards. Well three of these teams are in the top ten of the ICFL's defenses and ALL of them have winning records. Maybe that person should reconsider his position?

I know, I know. There are some fans of the BBDB (bend but don't break) out there. Seriously folks, why let a team drive to your 30 before you try to stop them? What happened simply crushing your opponent. Honestly, I can't think of a single historically great defense that just lay back in the red zone and waited for the offense to get there. Think of all those great names. 'The Purple People Eaters', 'The Doomsday Defense', 'The Steel Curtain, and yes, even the 'Orange Crush'. Imagine the nicknames that would be forced on us if those defenses DIDN'T crush the opposing QBs! 'The Passive Purple People', The Doubtful Defense', 'The Stale Crouton', and 'The Orange Julius'. Oh! I can't bear the thought any longer! Go find some some past issues of the Defensively Speaking! Read the vague methods for creating heavy heat on the QB. Practice and learn how to break Joe Thiesman's leg (I love that clip!!!!). Develop your own version of the KC Strip (Derrick Thomas' patented sack/strip). It's loads of fun!

Please, ICFL members, take this credo to heart. I have. This credo has parlayed once hapless defenses into some of the fiercest in the ICFL.

The QB cannot and will not complete a pass on his back!

Go ahead, say it! Again! There you go! Now go out there and do it!

Actually don't! I like being one of the few! Besides, I haven't figured out how to keep from being sacked. Maybe now was a bad time for this article after all! Hey! Offensive gurus out there! Someone come up with an article on 'The Perfect Pocket'. Please!?!?!?

Next month, I promise to write on one of the tools of the dreaded BBDB defense, the hated zones! And, look for a new question and answer section. Submit your questions to Defensively Speaking on any defensive topic and we will endevour to answer them for you! I hope you all enjoyed Defensively Speaking!