FBPRO Online League FAQ from FBPRO League Central

Q.  What is Football Pro?
A.  Football Pro is a computer football game made by Sierra.  It's the most realistic football game I've ever seen.

Q.  What are Head-to-Head Leagues?
A.  Football Leagues that play their games over the internet via the World Opponent Network (WON). 

Q.  What are Commish Sim Leagues?
A.  Leagues that require you to send in a gameplan and/or profile then the Commish will simulate the game on his computer and let you know the results.

Q.  What are Stock Play Leagues?
A.  Leagues that only allow you to use the Stock football plays that came with the game or that have their own Stock plays for you to use.  These leagues don't allow coaches to design their own plays for use.

Q.  What are Custom Play Leagues?
A.  Leagues that allow coaches to design their own plays for use.  Most of these leagues have rules in making these plays as to not allow coaches to take advantage of the weeknesses of the game.

Q.  What are Fantasy Teams?
A.  Leagues that have Fantasy Teams allow the owners to create their own name and mascot for their team.  They are usually allowed to design their own jersey colors and choose the stadium they want to play in.

Q.  What are Home Simm Leagues?
A.  Leagues that allow the Home teams to play their games on their cpu against their opponents ppp's.  Some of these leagues also allow playing over WON if both coaches agree to do so.

Last updated
April 12, 1999