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Offense tips

FPSF is a game where you dont want to use stock plays. Stock plays are the WORST type of plays to use.When I first started playing I used all of the stock plays,plans,ext. And I never won. It sucked.Then I got smart and started to make my own plays and such. And pretty soon I had alot of plays.Then i decided to cut off my crappy offence plays and mixed my Good custum plays with good stock plays and i had good results.GAMETIME hopes you have good results. When playing FPSF i had only two good game plans.That doesnt work at all. couse the computer or your online buddy will soon know your favorite plays. YouNeed to have at least five game plans stacked with different plays. To be effective on offence id recomend making lots of plays. Its good to have a game plan for every situation.Liike if your passing game sucks in the first half you can always swich to a running plan. making plays:

passing plays, When making passing plays its good to spread the field out making it hard for the defense to cover. You want to surprize the defence. One way to surprize the D is to make plays where your first reciever go long so the D plays a long defence and have your second reciever go short and get under the defense. This works good against all defences especialy zones. Another way is to make a short pass play and when you save it save it as a long play or vise versa. You can change that on the left of the save as thingy where it says: Play type: Direction: pass Goal line run rzzzl dzzl spaecific left right distance: long medium short The computer lets you make the type of play it is so it can CHEAT. And you wonder how they know your going to do a fake punt. Fake passes arnt nessassary they wont fool the defense becouse THE COMPUTER CHEATS SO BAD.Many people say that and so do I,Brian Bollman of GAMETIME.

running plays: Passing is what I do best but I can make a good running game. I like to take my fullback inside the tackles and my halfbacks outside. I like to have two main running backs that carry the load. That system I credit to Don Shula the old Miami Dolphins coach. He gave me the idea of having the Mercury-morris and Larry Csonka inside outside game.That Works well in FPSFP. It keeps the D guesssing(human).

how to pass Block: Very few people know this tip: have your offensive line stop and wait for 0.2 seconds and then have them pass block or you could have each lineman move to the center and then pass block.

I hope this little seminar helps you on your road to FPSFP glory.GAMETIME Tips and plays are free to spread around. GAMETIME makes plays and profiles and plans custum so if you want it we got it. My ears are always open. If you would like me to continue my work at GAMETIME please send me a scouting utility or any one of your tips or registered addd-ons for FPSFP95'. Anything helps.

Produced by Brian Bollman founder of GAMETIME IT'S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!GAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!