FICA mIRC Help Page

    This page was origionally a seperate site from the FICA that I had. I didn't feel the need to have it as a seperate site, when more people could see it here, and learn from it. I hope this opens up your view of the wonderful IRC client, mIRC.


    You want to get mIRC first of all. So go to and follow a link to the mIRC site nearest you, and download the prog. There are two files, mIRC 32 and mIRC 16. Here is the difference:

    mIRC 16 - This is for the users who use Windows 3.1
    mIRC 32 - This is for the users who use Windows 95


    I always hear people talking about how hard it is to connect with IRC and everything. It really isn't. Just read the following step by step walk through to connect. It looks long, but it really isn't...

    There will be a screen with some info to fill about with e-mail, nicknames, ect. There will also be list of servers to connect to on this page. Well, fill out all the information there is. Then go to the add command. There will be a list of things to fill in. First there will be DESCRIPTION. For that put whatever you want that will let you know what it is. Like you could put 'Football server'. Then there will be a space to fill in called SERVER. Put in the server you are supposed to connect to.(you will learn more about servers further down). Then, the last thing you need to fill in will be PORT. Put in port 6668 to start. (If you are on AOL and can't connect with port 6668 go back and connect with 7000) Then press OK and you are ready to connect! After you press OK it will bring you back to the info screen, click on CONNECT. Then it will attempt to connect to the server. You may have to try several times before you are successfully able to connect. When you connect the MOTD(Rules for the server) will scroll down your screen. After it is done, a box will pop up with channel names like #funfactory or whatever. Click OK. Then go up to the menu bar on the top of the screen and then to COMMANDS. Look down that list and you will JOIN CHANNEL. Well, click on that. Then it will ask you 'What channel do you want to join?' type #<channel name>.(leave the < and > out when you type the name of the channel) After that you will join the channel you want to go to! That is all there is to it. It may look like a lot but takes maybe 2 minutes.


    First - IRC can be used to have league meetings at a set time in the week. Instead of emailing back and fourth

    Second - It can be used for owners just to get together and get to know eachother a little better or just to trade. Instead of, once again, emailing back and fourth you can do it live with them and work something out there. Or you can trash talk to each other.

    Third - It can be used to do the draft live on IRC. You can give each owner so much time and then they have to pick. It is a lot more fun and rel than email. And the coaches know exactly what they're getting.

    Fourth - It can be used to simulate the weeks game, once again, live to the owners. They can sit and chat and trade while the commisioner runs the games and posts the results on the topic. That way the owners do not have to sit and wait for the results to be posted on the website. This was my favorite part of IRC when I was a commish.

    Those are just a few of the many, many things mIRC can be used for!


    So, you are a commish who wants to play a game over IRC? It's easy!


    First, run the game you wish to play over IRC and save a log. Name the log whatever you want(i.e. Game.LOG) and put it in your logs directory(i.e. c:\sierra\logs\).

    Go to IRC and go to your normal channel(i.e. #channel) and go to another one also(i.e. #chan2)

    Then play the log in the #chan2 so everyone can watch it, and talk in #channel.

    To start it, type: /PLAY #CHAN2 C:\SIERRA\LOGS\Game.LOG 2700

    Where #chan2 is the channel you wanna play it in, the path is the path the log is in, and 2700 is the milliseconds it puts in between each line played. 2700 is a little fast for some people, just do about 3000 to be safe. Don't do a low number or you will flood off.

    Now you are playing your game over IRC. It is very fun to do!! Play the playoffs, superbowl, or GOW or whatever!

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