"Choosing Your Plays"

by Ron Britt ( Frankfurt )

This, my fellow football faithful, is by far the one relative thing that keeps us on a level playing field. With everyone having access to the same plays, the whole emphasis becomes on your ability to recognize what plays work! By the time 6-9 teams start using "good off plays" plays that seem to always gain the right amount of yards or more when needed, along come plays that are either found in the play book or stock files that shuts the play down, or created, and then added to the playbook. Now the competitive value becomes more defined. Now we know that not only is it important to have good profiles, there also needs to be good plays. Hence the name league playbook. Use your log files to find out what plays work the best, all it takes is finding and writing down a few plays that seem to work, compare to how they worked for other teams if at all, do a % on how they worked, then run them through the play editor against all the defenses you want and then you choose your plays. When I do this my defense usually kills me, so that's also how I work on my defense plays. The idea here is to keep games close, against good teams and blowing out poor teams. Now understand that this is a small part of being an owner in the league. Profiles become the one, random, thing that creates each teams "style" and this depends on many factors. What type of players do u have on hand, how many plays have you found that work for your teams strong points?

This is why I suggest you make at least 2 sets of playbooks for both off and defense, and they should both be aimed at run and pass, i.e. off run, off pass, defense run, defense pass. Any team that finds the "right" set of plays can build a solid enough profile around it that they can at least become competitive with other owners. YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT ALOT OF PLAYS IN THE PLAY EDITOR AGAINST DEF PLAYS! Start with this and I am sure that in a very short time you will be able to see a big difference in how your profile begins to do more of what you want it to do. Well that's my two cents, enjoy.