Tips on easy PROFILE Design

By: Bryan Bills (

> Bryan,
>     How do you do this.  The copy situation thing.  I never knew you 
> could do that.  Let me know
> Rich Sippos

When you are in the Profile editor, there are 3 red buttons along the lower right border of the screen. The 2nd from the bottom is the COPY button.

After defining a situation, I always start with :
Point Spread    = TIED
Field position  = Def 35-Off 35
Down            = 1
Yards to Go     = 6-10
Mins. in half   = >5
you can copy the difined situation by clkicking on the COPY button....
This opens a new COPY SITUATION TO window that covers the top 40% of the screen....
It now allows you to select any range of situations to copy to, i.e. I always copy the above situation to:
Point Spread    = Ahead by 4-7  to  Behind by 4-7
Field Position  = Def 5-35      to  Off 35-5
Yards to go     = 2-5           to  >10
Mins in Half    =  >5           to  >1-2
Downs           =   1           to  2

...and viola! you have just defined 270 situations.

The copy utility also always you to choose to whether to copy either plays and/or clock (i.e STOP CLOCK logic) as you are copying the situations.

All in all, I can set up a profile from scratch in 30 minutes or less that is 'decent'.
All I set up is :
    2- (>10)
    2- (6-10)
    2- (2-5)
    2- (0-1)
    3- (>10)
    3- (6-10)
    3- (2-5)
    3- (0-1)
a total of 10 situations and copy them to all situations from ahead by up to 7, to behind by up to 7, any field position between the 5's, and any time from >1 remaining in the half and in a matter of 10-20 minutes you have defined over 2000 of the situations.

Then the 'fine tuning' begins, 4th downs, the situations during the last minute of a half, the situations INSIDE the 5 yard line, and the situations when the score differential is > 7 points.

Now the finetuning can take hours, and probably never gets TOTALLY finished...but in 30-45 minutes I can , from scratch put together a fairly decent profile.

One hint....I almost NEVER define specific plays for the 3 SELECTED PLAYS for any given situation...

...I used to, but found that :
I had certain plays that were very effective, and I used them on 3rd down and short or medium ranges. However it made me predictable, and I kept finding that either by design or chance I would get a opponent that used a defense on 3rd that nullified my favorite 3rd down play....

so, I now use play types, which makes my PPP's play calling much more unpredictable...and my winning %'s have gone up in my leagues.

Hope this helps some


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