This page is designed to help all CTFL owners use and understand the Agent program which is used to sign rookies and free agents to contracts. There are step-by-step instructions below and if you have any questions, please email the commissioner

Where do I get this Agent program?

Agent is not a freeware program.  It will be emailed to each owner to use in the league.  Agent is part of the license agreement with FPSGM by E.A. Gelat.

What files do I need to run Agent?

You need the Agent.exe, FPSGM.dat, CTFL.sal  and the CTFL league files to run Agent. All three are included in the  League Files zip.

Where should I put all of these files?

Put them all in the same directory, whichever doesn't matter, but they all have to be in the same one.

How do I use the Agent program to sign Free Agents and Rookies?

Ok, that is the main question and here are the step by step instructions. First, the instructions on how to sign rookies.

1. Open the Agent program using the Agent.exe icon. That will bring up a screen telling you to select a league. Select CTFL  depending on which league your working on.

2. Now the main screen appears. First, in the box in the upper left hand corner where it says "Teams" select your team. I will use the Cowboys as an example. So click on that pull down menu to bring up Dallas.

3. Also, bring up your team name in the box in the lower right hand corner just above the submit and exit buttons

4. Scroll down your roster and find the rookie you wish to sign and single click on him. This should bring his ratings and such up in the right side of the screen.

5. In the box that says # Yrs. enter the number of years (1-4) you wish the player to sign for

6. Now you should see a green 0% in a small box about midway down the right side. This is the player's "happiness box" The better the deal gets, the happier he becomes. A player will not sign for anything under 50% but usually takes between 60-70% to get him to sign. Some are tougher and demand higher, some will sign for very low.

7. In the box that says New Salary, enter the TOTAL amount of the contract. This is not per year that you are entering, this is overall. You should see the happiness meter change.

8. (optional) In the box labeled New Bonus, enter the amount of Bonus Money to pay to the player. Bonus money does not count against the salary cap and makes the player happier.

10. When you feel you and the player have a good deal, press the submit button. It will say submit this bid from Your Team Name. Make sure that YOUR team name is said and not someone else's. Press OK. Note that the player has not accepted nor declined the offer yet. You will not know until I send you the updated file, but more on that in a minute.

11. Repeat steps 4-11 for all of your rookies.

12. When you are finished press Exit. Then go to the directory where you put the agent files and find a file called Agent.con Rename that file to Dall.con (or whatever your team abbreviation is. Dall is my team, Dallas)

13. Use some kind of zip program (winzip, pkzip) and create a zip file including only the Team Abbrev.con file. Send that zip file to the commissioner in email. The commissioner has the program that decides whether or not the player signs. After the commissioner runs his program, he will Post the updated League Files to the site for you to replace your old one with. This new file will let you know if the players accepted their offers. Also, results of signings are posted on the League webpages.

Now to sign Free Agents...

Follow those directions above except for two changes. First, instead of selecting your team in the upper left hand corner, click on the scroll down box and scroll down to the team that the player is currently on or scroll down in that box to the bottom and there are options like 'Free Agent QB's', 'Free Agent RB's' and so on. The unrestricted free agents are listed there while the restricted free agents are listed with their old team. Any player that does not have any numbers in his salary and years boxes is available as a free agent. Please consult the list of free agents on the CTFL  home page to make sure the player is a free agent and to see whether he is restricted or unresticted. Below all the team names and there will be Free Agent QB's, Free Agent RB's.... You can also select from one of those because those players are natural free agents. But DO change the box in the lower right to your team.


You may notice there are Transitional and Franchise buttons on the program. DO NOT HIT THOSE BUTTONS! They will only screw things up. Each team is entitled to one Franchise player and two Transitional players. If you want to designate your player with that, simply tell the commissioner in text in an email.