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NEW TUTORIALS: Add Some Spice With The Spread

Welcome to the University of FBPRO! This site features a comprehensive collection of all documentation that enhances the FBPRO online play experience. The University of FBPRO is more than a mere list of links, it is a mirror site with a searchable body of online documentation stored right here! This ensures that valuable documentation doesn't get lost if the author's domain goes away or the author's page is orphaned or moved. This page is valuable to anyone who has ever surfed through broken link after broken link trying to find articles that you've seen before but forgot to bookmark the first time around.

This site contains play design tutorials, draft strategies, roster management hints, and tips on FBPRO player ratings and training camp. It also features documentation on setup, configuration, and troubleshooting of the FBPRO game itself, and tips for new league commissioners. In short, the University of FBPRO provides a direct source to tons of valuable FBPRO documentation!

To submit your documentation to the University , send me an e-mail containing the URL (web address) of your updated non-frames HTML document and make sure to include the author's full name. I will then host your existing page on my site. The University of FBPRO reserves the right to compress and resize graphics or simplify HTML because of storage constraints. I may also make minor adjustments to the HTML to improve the readability, but I keep the original verbage of the tutorial completely intact.

I've done an exhaustive search of online tutorials and copied them here. But if there are some I have missed, e-mail me the URL's. And If you don't know HTML and have written a tutorial, just e-mail me the tutorial in text format and I'll post your tutorial on the site! Enjoy!

Mike Neugebauer, Webmaster

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